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Specialist Building Cleaning

We offer a full range of building cleaning techniques, both to the interior and exterior

Barley Manor can expertly clean all aspects of interior and exterior plaster, render, stonework, timber and tiles. Depending on the nature of the dirt and grime we use a variety of cleaning techniques including:

  • Arte Mundit on internal stone and plasterwork
  • Chemical stripping of paints and varnishes
  • DOFF steam cleaning and TORC air blasting on exterior stone, brick and render surfaces
  • Soft blasting on all types of materials
Before stone repairs and cleaning are carried out
After repairs and cleaning, using various methods including the DOFF steam system
Cleaning internal stonework on a Grade I listed property
Stone paving being cleaned using the DOFF steam system
Coade stone statue, showing carbon sulphate staining
The same statue after chemical cleaning

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